A$AP Rocky-Wild For The Night ft. Skrillex and Birdy Nam Nam (Video)

When I first heard this album, I skipped over this track quite quickly. It sounded too electro and overly mainstream, in comparison to what I was expecting from Rocky. Now, it’s one of the few tracks to have actually endured my relentless reshuffling of my playlists.

There’s something insanely addictive about Skrillex’s pulsating electro backdrop. Those synths are lusciously thick, whilst Rocky’s counter-balances their sharpness with the distorted drawl sections, and complements them with his quick regular flows. The frenetic percussion caps things off with energy and intensity, taking it into thumping club banger territory, and whilst it’s undergone a couple of edits for this video version (new synths on the intro, amended vocals throughout), it’s still the same fundamental track with huge hook drops and fast-paced verses.

The somewhat brighter key and touch of synth that have been added fit the video’s setting well, adding a little warmth and positivity early on, whilst also smoothing the video’s lively transition from intro to verse. Of course, there’s still a big upward step there and that’s visualised well, which moves from shots of the Mob relaxing to more active, busy scenes of Rocky, his team and some locals generally enjoying themselves. It’s not a complicated visual, and for a mainstream-primed single such as this, it doesn’t need to be. Expect this to dominate TV, radio and clubs.

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