ANTHM and Blu-A Handful of Dust (EP)

With his relentless releases in recent weeks, ANTHM’s built up quite the storm for this EP, and with the production helmed solely by Blu (as GODLeeBarnes) there’s familiarity included to help further that buzz.

We’ve already caught two of the tracks from this name-your-price EP (yes, the miserly among you can get it for free), both of which have demonstrated not only the diversity in Blu’s offerings, but the versatility of ANTHM. The latter is something his more long-term fans are certainly accustomed to, and hopefully this works as a platform to project that quality out to a wider audience. In any case, this is likely to be 7 tracks of good, diverse hip-hop, available to stream and/or download below.

ANTHM and Blu-A Handful of Dust EP

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