Allen Stone-Celebrate Tonight (Video)

The latest single from Allen Stone’s self-titled album, and another one that will endear him further to those soul heads.

Whilst his music is generally positive, this effort is about as upbeat and lively as he’s been, and it’s a style that suits him. The track opens in a subdued manner, with Allen crooning over little more than intermittent percussion hits, before the gradual inclusion of more instrumentation to build to the bright, vivacious hook. The track alternates between those two styles once more, before the vocals crank upwards to inject the track with even more warm positivity, making the climax a good example of infectious, catchy vocal work. The lengthy credits section offer another track, even livelier than its predecessor, with a fast-paced instrumental backdrop supporting sharp vocal work that rides along the musical backdrop with great control and rhythm.

If a video ever deserved to be called ‘nice’, this is it. It’s a feelgood clip set in a retirement home, as Allen performs for a group of delighted old folk, with their individual expressions and actions being a heartwarming watch. He’s probably poking fun at the view some hold that soul is for ‘old people’ too, and the carefree attitude of all involved here shows how little that viewpoint matters. A purely positive audiovisual, get the album now.

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