Adrian Marcel-Waiting

adrian marcel
In a genre becoming completely cannibalised by pop, Adrian’s one of very few upcomers in the R&B genre, and hence he’s got a pretty clear route to a good position in the game. Not only that, but he’s being directly mentored by the veteran brilliance of Raphael Saadiq, a co-sign that all can appreciate.

There are influences from Tank, early Trey Songz, and several more in here, with this slow jam combining bittersweet lyricism, atmospheric synths, punchy percussion and a great hook for a strong track. The lyrical growth between the sections is excellent, with gradually diminshing touches of hope and increasing levels of introspection, divided by a direct, emotional hook. The vocal work is likeable throughout, remaining emotive and believable, but never over-stretching into excessive ‘power’, and instead opting for a softer approach that meshes well with the delicate melodies he’s supported by, and it’s a performance of great promise. Good R&B track that will appeal to the old R&B Friday heads, look out for his 7 Days of Weak mixtape on 24th April.

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