Yelawolf-Way Out (Video)

It feels like Yela’s career has stalled slightly, of course not helped by his health issues a short while back, but he’s looking to get back into gear with this release from his upcoming Trunk Muzik Returns.

The track in isolation won’t revolutionise anyone’s day, but when packaged with the video it’s much better. The audio’s got a dark backdrop, with urgent melodies comprised of keys and bassy synths and a slow, menacing percussion line, with the production as a whole creating lots of atmosphere. Yela’s raps are as watertight as most would expect by now, his rapid flows being interspersed with slower work on the hook, though the verses are a tad monotonous at times.

The video utilises the production very well, beginning in relative light before quickly darkening into a horror-esque journey through the woods. Plenty of creepy goings-on featuring alien-style characters, all whilst Yela defiantly cruises through on his quad bike, and the video culminates with a little paranormal activity at the hands of his unwanted visitors. It’s all a little odd, but blends ever so well with the production, and hence is worth a couple of watches.

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