Wiz Khalifa-Started From The Bottom Remix

wiz khalifa
If there was ever proof that my heavy criticism of Drake’s recent single wasn’t just because it was Drake, this is it. Most hip-hop heads have bundled Wiz into the same category as Drake, in terms of his perceived ‘femininity’, and hence there’s no scope to absolve Wiz of the same shortcomings. However, skip to his verse at the end and his talent rather than his image shines through.

Drake’s raps are poorly-paced and monotonous fare, whereas Wiz explodes out of the blocks with a razor-sharp flow that does the strong production justice, before adjusting down to something more manageable-that in itself is more than Drake manages on the entire track. On top of that, there’s significantly more conviction and variance in Wiz’s voice, making it a much more digestable, likeable listen. It’s not revolutionary by any means, but Wiz’s short contribution properly utilises the beat and doesn’t deviate too far from what he’s good at; it just goes to show that it doesn’t take a verse from a lyrical wordsmith or ‘hip-hop golden boy’ to show the widespread criticism of the original was genuinely founded on the poor music rather than the fact it was Drake.

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