Wet Nuns-Broken Teeth (Video)

Sometimes, you need something a bit hard and grungy to get you through the day, and for the foreseeable future this will be it. Crunching drums, thick, piercing guitars and fiery vocals combine for an intense, energetic experience that would be perfectly suited to a spot of excessively fast driving (not that I’m condoning that…).

It’s one of those that seems to move at a mile a minute, despite not being all that rapid, such is the power and force thudding through this one, and coming in at under 2 and a half minutes it’s one fans will undoubtedly be hitting the repeat button on.

The video’s generally rather simple, and almost seems to contain rather than enhance the furious nature of the audio. Dark lighting and smooth, unhurried movements combine for a relatively easy watch, though added to well with flashes of sketchy animation, touches of strobe lighting and sharp cuts between band members. Definitely worth a go for those in the market for something a little harder, and it can be found on their Broken Teeth EP, due out on 18th February.

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