Usher-Go Missin'

usher go missin
Usher hooks up with producer Diplo once again, this time for a Valentine’s gift to his fans rather than the worldwide smash their previous collaboration, Climax, yielded.

It’s not a patch on the quality of their earlier collaboration, but it’s an OK listen that will at the very least satiate Usher dedicates that are desperate for new work. The production is best described as sharp, with piercing synths and samples paired with short, snappy percussion, whilst the vocal work is admittedly a little disappointed by Ush’s high standards. They seem a little flat throughout, affecting the structure of the track as the division between hook and verse seems minimal at most, though that’s also down to the repetitive, non-progressive production not helping matters. Nothing I’ll be giving much time, but the mainstream fans may take to it.

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