Unknown Mortal Orchestra-So Good At Being In Trouble (Video)

My enjoyment of this song could barely be contained to this page on the release of the audio a short while back, and today the song’s retro, summery vibes are treated with some visuals.

The video makes no bones about its 60′s-inspired sound, and fully capitalises on it throughout this. There’s a great fusion of modern with that era throughout, as a collection of characters are dressed in the garb of the era, in amongst regular folk going about their daily business on the beachfront. That dichotomy is best represented in the first hook, which switches between slow-motion scenes of girls frolicking on the beach to McLovin (yep) brawling with what can best be described as the elusive non-high hippy. The clip escalates in both comedy, action and piecing a story together, as the lead male attempts to ‘free’ his love interest from said hippy, but ends up getting mauled for his efforts. It’s an interesting and generally likeable visual that seems to blur the lines between protagonist and antagonist a little, though I’m not sure the additional layer of storyline was even needed here, and more focus on the 60′s styling would have arguably been more visually impacting. Nonetheless, a great song and a solid visual; the album this features on is available now over at iTunes.

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