Tyler, The Creator-Treehome and Domo 23 (Live)

It’s crazy to think it was two years ago on Jimmy Fallon’s show that OFWGKTA’s popularity soared, literally overnight, on the back of their crazy performances of tracks from Tyler’s then-upcoming Goblin album. Flashforward to now, and Tyler’s gearing up to release his follow-up LP Wolf, and returns to the scene of his arrival to perform Domo 23, and the previously-unheard Treehome.

As a big Quadron fan, having Coco feature on Treehome is an excellent surprise. Whilst I’m sure there’s plenty more to the track than performed here, it’s her vocals that really dominate this song, with her relaxing and mellow voice synergising wonderfully with the soft yet lively backdrop produced by The Roots in this case. Tyler’s only real contribution for this appears to be occasional adlibs and a nice stint on the piano, a skill we rarely get to see him demonstrate. Domo 23′s up next, and of course the energy shoots through the roof on that one; it’s reminiscent of the aforementioned debut Fallon performance with a chaotic, frenzied approach that draws heavily on punk influences, and gives the song a much more aggressive edge than its studio version. A fun performance with two very opposing styles of music, look out for more from Wolf to land soon.

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