Tyler, The Creator-Domo 23 (Video)

Returning with his first album since the breakout Goblin, Tyler’s Wolf LP on 2nd April, with this being the lead single.

It’s nice to hear Tyler on a more upbeat production, and the few occasions we’ve heard him on a backdrop of this ilk are arguably highlights of his back catalogue. The beat combines lively, celebratory strings with a frantic percussion and an urgent electronic melody, the end product being a sense of controlled chaos representative of the OFWGKTA style. That use of strings adds a layer of quality that wasn’t previously associated with them, and hence it’s good to see that progression; it culminates in a smooth, reflective section at the end of this track (with faint Frank Ocean vocals) that is about as good a display of Tyler’s maturity as any.

The video’s as a very fun watch, starting off as a backyard wrestling match with Domo (who has lost weight) and refereed by Earl, Tyler cycles through some great facial expressions and pretty much gets pummeled throughout, before the classic wrestling comeback and win. The clip ends with the aforementioned laidback section, an easygoing ending shot on a sunny Cali afternoon accompanied by a lady of interest and some typically crazy activities. One of Tyler’s best audiovisuals to date without question, and I’m looking forward to more from Wolf.

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