Trey Songz-F**kin Problems Freestyle

The original still gets a lot of play from me, and whilst it’s probably not in need of a refresh, it’s good to get someone else on the beat nonetheless. It’s the sort of fast-paced track that would theoretically suit many rappers (looking at you Slaughterhouse), but few of note seem to have really tackled it, or at least done so with any conviction.

He’s not a full-time rapper but Trey’s up for the challenge, releasing his first ‘Trigga mix’ in a while, and though I’ve criticised his choice of rapping over singing on occasion with these remixes, this is a good example of his ability at the former. His flow is pretty slick throughout, adjusting to the movements in the production well and generally adding a good layer of confidence to his bragger raps. Only a short verse, and there’s particularly outstanding to displace the original, but a nice complement to it. Free grab courtesy of the man himself below.

Trey Songz-F**kin Problems Freestyle

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