Toro y Moi-High Living (Live)

Another great in-studio performance from Toro of a track from his excellent Anything In Return album, as he seemingly seeks to enhance his credibility as a producer and performer beyond his laptop-only origins.

Backed by his band, this is certainly going to help that cause. The range of instrumentation used on the track isn’t massively apparent to the casual listener, and hence this performance allows for the guitar and percussion work to shine through much more. It’s also a good chance to appreciate his vocal improvements across his albums, with his once-characteristic whispery soft vocal switched out for a more classically ‘pop’ style that requires a much stronger range than that he’d previously demonstrated; to that end, it’s actually quite refreshing to hear him miss one or two notes, as it goes to show this is a genuinely live performance with few alterations.

A good watch for those who are familiar with the track, and of course for those who aren’t. In either case, be sure to get that album if for some reason you haven’t already.

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