The Weeknd-Twenty Eight (Video)

The Weeknd returns with a brand new video, this time for one of the new tracks found on Trilogy. This song arguably has the most long-term durability of the trio, helped further by this being his strongest visual to date, retaining his distinctive brand of minimalism and mystery but lacing it with plenty of subtext.

The duality of an old suit pitching to The Weeknd and ignoring his heartfelt vocals with the intimidating club bouncers pushing dancers on stage seems to suggest a parallel between entertainers and strippers, the implied message being that they’re both pushed into performing for money on demand. The Weeknd’s heavily-monitored surroundings also adds to the ‘controlled environment’ theory, whilst the revelation of the man speaking a different dialect crudely displays how an artist’s individuality is irrelevant to the language of money spoken by label executives. The second half of the video works closely with the song’s context by detailing The Weeknd’s experiences with a dancer, and whilst he remains stuck within the confines of the controlled film set, he offers her the sense of freedom he himself desires, expressed physically in her freeform movements in the pool; alternately, it can be viewed she’s his captive as much as he’s the film crew’s captive, particularly as she poses for his camera. An enjoyable watch either way, and his most rounded visual to date.

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