The Internet-Give It Time (Live)

We were treated to a stream of this single a few months back, and the duo took to KEXP (whatever that is) to offer a good live performance of the track.

I’ve not seen or heard Syd perform live (or indeed, Matt Martians), but it’s almost relieving to hear this as it’s always good to know your favourite acts aren’t just studio performers. Syd’s vocals are admirably close to their studio equivalent, with her unique whispery, rough-around-the-edges delivery complementing the live instrumentation well, and creating the atmosphere and ambience the duo’s tracks are so heavily entrenched in.

The use of live instrumentation in itself is a good touch too, given that most acts would usually just opt for the studio instrumental rather than risk altering the song’s sound, and it’s a decision that comes off here to add a crispness to proceedings. Good performance, and hopefully more new material is on its way.

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