Tanya Morgan-For Real

tanya morgan
A great slice of hip-hop from the Tanya Morgan duo, as Von Pea and Donwill come together for the lead single from Rubber Souls, their first full LP as a duo since 2009′s excellent Brooklynati release.

The production’s a great blend of soul and hip-hop, with smooth vocal samples and flashes of horns adding the jazzy soul vibe, whilst the raps combine with the steady percussion to root the track in a hip-hop sensibility. A little touch that helps elevate the atmosphere of the track is the ‘outdoor’ noise sample playing throughout, with what sounds like kids playing outside and such, adding a nice summer warmth and aura to proceedings. The raps are paced nicely to allow the beat to breathe, with sharp but mellow deliveries from both packing in reflective lyricism, whilst their slightly different cadences make for a good contrast to one another. Really enjoyable hip-hop piece, and look out for more from that album.

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