Sway - Still Sway & Kane ft. Kano & Tigger Da Author [Video]

Two of the best rappers in the UK over the last 10 years combine for this homage to Dr. Dre’s classing Still D.R.E.

Starting out as just a freestyle from Sway, things escalated into a full blown remix after a good reception from fans, as well as a chance meeting with Dre himself in London.

Really loving how they’ve switched up the beat for this, which compliments both Sway and Kano’s energetic flow and clever lyrics. Tigger Da Author, a singer-songwriter recently signed to Sway’s label, provides a likeable hook, flipping a few of Dre and Snoop’s classic lines from the original song.

The video provides similar elements and vibes that Dre’s video did all those years ago, but using the city of London as a backdrop instead of L.A., which is a nice touch. A few cool cameos too from other leading UK stars, further highlighting the unity that the UK industry has these days.

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