Shannon Hope-Block You Out

shannon hope
Once the singing, drumming, songwriting half of GLORY GLORY, Shannon Hope appears to be embarking on a solo career inspired by the works of Bjork and Cat Power. Whilst I’ve never been into the former, the latter’s amassed some decent playtime for me over the years and this should appeal to her fans, as well as any admirers of acoustic-style music.

The guitars have a unique quality to them here, sounding like a stunted, muzzled punk guitar line with an overlay of acoustic work. Clearly, her punk origins cross over with the new direction there, and it’s a very effective addition to an otherwise-stripped back soundscape, with the only accompaniment being a quick but hushed percussion. Whilst that instrumentation is refreshing, the vocals are the highlight here, with the same influences present but a much stronger focus on melody and structure, giving this a slight hint of a pop sensibility and hence giving it a much better chance amongst casual music listeners. An easy listen for sure, and look out for the EP on 18th March.

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