Ricky Hil-Nomads ft. The Weeknd

ricky hil
Let’s be honest: no-one is reading this for the Ricky Hil inclusion. Most hip-hop heads shun the guy, and rightfully given he’s basically made a career from using the fortunes of his father (Tommy Hilfiger, for those uninitiated) to secure top-level producers and features for his work.

I naively praised some of his past work, not quite realising it was the production mostly carrying the tracks, and this is another example. The beat’s gloriously dark, combining wailing guitar plucks with a rolling production and a pack of atmospheric synths into a wintery effort that would garner much praise in the hands of a more likeable artist. Thankfully, this ends up being more a Weeknd track as he ends up on vocal duty for the most part. It’s the type of beat that suits The Weeknd superbly too, with his high notes gently riding along the aforementioned guitar plucks, before switching to a more empassioned delivery on the re-introduction of the percussion. A good listen if you cut off that first portion, and you can download it (as part of the full album…) here.

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