Rick Ross and Stalley-F**kin' Problems Freestyle

One of the mainstream’s favourite hip-hop tracks right now gets an MMG facelift, as the chubby one and Stalley come together for a quick hit freestyle over the popular production.

I’ve not heard too many good remixes of the track, so credit to both here as they do a good job with a beat that’s not altogether close to what they’re usually found on. Ross opens with a surprisingly strong performance, letting his flow cut loose from his usual slow drawl into a delivery with a touch more pace, and though it comes via the laziest voice I’ve ever heard, it’s still an improvement on his usual work. Stalley, of course, is the highlight, with a couple of different flows employed to pack in his often clever lyrics, which are also refreshingly honest for the most part and quite different to those who’ve laced this beat before him. Shame about the Flex tags, but hopefully a cleaner version will emerge soon as this is a good refresh of the soon-to-be-overplayed track.

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