Rhye-Open (Video)

If you’re a fan of The xx, or even artists of a slightly less surly nature such as Beach House, this will certainly appeal.

It’s completely delicate and gentle throughout, whilst creating heaps of atmosphere with a minimal production that further the isolated, lonely stylings of the vocal work-it’s a very nice contrast that brings the best out of both aspects, in particular the vocals which are portrayed more clearly as an internal monologue due to the backdrop’s effectiveness.

The video’s not safe for work, or for people underage. Packing in a ton of emotion throughout, real credit to the performers here, as each facial expression and general activity, whether together or alone, seems accompanied by plenty of subtext and implied feeling that it’s easy to get quite engrossed in this; examples are abundant, but a standout is the slight hint of regret or sadness on the female lead after the couple’s beach antics, which seems to encapsulate the bittersweet glances exchanged throughout. It heads into a rather eerie isolation in the woods towards the end, before culminating in what seems a sense of acceptance. Clever acting throughout, and this is a visual that wholly enhances the audio. Look out for their debut album, Woman, landing on 4th March.

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