RDGLDGRN-Million Fans (Video)

A year ago we were in the basement making roughs of these songs that will be released tomorrow for the RED GOLD GREEN EP. Had no idea at the end of this whole year we would be lucky enough to have Dave Grohl play drums on the record, and have Pharrell co-produce a track with us.

There’s a good reason they featured at the top of my 13 for ’13: they go from strength to strength with every release. Here goes the trio’s latest video, and backed by the superb single they let loose just a short while ago, it’s a very enjoyable audiovisual.

A key component of their success thus far has been a willingness to let their personalities shine through on camera rather than attempting to create a false image. This clip’s got that aspect in abundance, with those bright red, gold and green colours bringing visual impact and positive connotations throughout, and working nicely with the trio’s range of shenanigans, from kicking a football around to being pixellated(!). The range of high-activity scenes and sharp cuts between them synergises well with the audio to capitalise on its inherent energy, whilst the use of multiple filters and shot styles adds the layer of professionalism to proceedings. It’s a visual with a good blend of fun, positivity and is complementary to the audio; essentially, highly replayable.

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