Quadron-Hey Love

Rather belatedly, I’ve immersed myself in their self-titled 2010 album in recent weeks, and it’s quite nicely timed that they’ve let loose of a new effort.

Those familiar with Quadron (and some of you unknowingly will be) will wholly expect a slice of easygoing electronic soul, based on their previous works. Think again. This is a much more lively, upbeat track that’s got a stronger pop influence: driven along by a rattling, tribal-esque percussion and mesmerising vocal sample in the verses, the track undergoes a huge upgrade for the hook with a crisp, speedy percussion and a hint of keys, whilst the vocals follow suit with a progressive approach that increase smoothly in intensity from verse to hook. It’s good to see some diversity from the duo, especially when the execution is as effective as this, and there’s definite potential for this to open Quadron up to a much wider, more mainstream audience. Hopefully, more material is coming soon as this is an all-rounder with plenty of replayability.

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