Paris 96 (Jesse Boykins III and Theophilus London)-Afternoon

Introducing a new super group made up of the two long-time friends. Together, Theophilus London and Jesse Boykins III are PARIS 96. Theophilus and Jesse wrote songs together early on in their careers (“Cold Pillow,” “Humdrum Town”) when they were both coming up.

Nice to see two great upcomers (re)connect here, and grabbing the talented Xaphoon Jones to helm the beat makes this a combination of acts with plenty of promise. They all certainly deliver too, with the latter’s production being a great blend of laidback and progressive, starting minimally with soft melodies and light percussion, before evolving into soft soul for the hook, and coming out electro synth-driven. True dynamism throughout the beat, and that’s matched by the diversity of TL and JB3, with the former’s two verses adopting two distinct flows that each take the production on well, whilst Jesse’s hook is arguably the highlight courtesy of his increasingly-passionate vocals blending beautifully with the soft backdrop. A duo with plenty of promise.

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