Pac Div-Savages (Video)

It seems like that GMB album opened Pac Div up to new corners of the hip-hop audience, with their move to more aggressive, ‘harder’ productions being a welcome change for some and a strong introduction for others. In either case, this is about as good an example of that paradigm shift as any, the latest single from the aforementioned album.

The production is dark, speaker-rattling and hugely intense; with thudding bass, stuttered, choppy samples, and an almost horror-esque distortion sitting on top of it all, at times it’s easy to think this production is threatening to punch you in the face. Of course, the Div aren’t lazy with the raps, and instead of opting for the easy route of playing ‘violent rappers’, they stick to their skill with arrogant, brash raps delivered in a nice range of flows. At times, the sheer power of the beat does overshadow their vocal output though, and hence the video plays a good part in remedying that: the graffiti-heavy, desolate surroundings add a heavy dose of realism and grit to the clip, whilst the trio’s unfussy, performance-centric actions and movements remove distractions and keep the focus firmly on their raps. A solid video backed by a good audio, be sure to grab that GMB album now.

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