Nottz-Turn It Up ft. Pete Rock (Video)

So, if you’re going to put two fantastic producers like this together, you’re pretty much going to get a monopoly on my attention. Both are revered for their beat work, but the two come together here in a performance capacity, lacing verses on a classic-style production that will certainly win the hip-hop heads over.

It’s a beat that’s wonderfully simple, combining a strong midtempo percussion with an unashamedly repeated melody on top, giving the production a structure and consistency that allows the MCs to exhibit some flexibility in their raps, whilst also allowing room for a couple of rogue samples and scratches to be sporadically thrown in on top. Rock opens with a laidback contribution, including a nice nod to his timeless T.R.O.Y. production, before Nottz arrives with a little more intensity in his verse, making for a good blend of styles between the two.

The clip’s shot with a distorted, scrapbook-style effect that adds a throwback quality and sense of reflectiveness, whilst also being unfussy enough to give it a ‘no-nonsense’ vintage hip-hop vibe. Only a short one, but very likeable and you’ll find it on Nottz’s In My Mind EP.

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