Mikky Ekko-Pull Me Down (The Internet Remix)

mikky ekko
Whilst we wait on new material from the talented duo, The Internet come through with a remix of upcomer Mikky Ekko’s single, lacing his soulful voice with their trademark laidback vibes.

Mikky’s seemingly got a very strong voice, though his ability to rein in his rousing vocals and packing the same emotion into his more hushed sections is the facet most impressive here, and its the one best suited to the backdrop provided. Soft, funky flashes of bass, airy synths and a dash of other samples and effects combine for a relaxing collection of layers, and a subservient, dynamic backdrop that emphasises Mikky’s voice in just the right places rather than overly repeating itself throughout the track. Good slice of mellow soul, and let’s hope they’ve got some of their own on the way.

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