Mike Posner-OshFest ft. Blackbear

mike posner
I was gonna save this song for my album but you deserve it now. A glimpse into Posner’s upcoming work it seems, and a welcome one given his releases in recent months haven’t had much by way of a confirmed home. If the rest of the project is in this vein, it should be a favourite with those who’ve been longtime Posner fans

From the whispery vocals through to the atmospheric production there’s a warm aura created throughout this one, whilst the patches of grounded lyricism help to channel that vibe smoothly, and hence there’s a vibe of relatability that will find favour with fans of his breakout A Matter of Time tape. Good to hear a couple of deliveries from Mike too, as he raps and sings alternately, and fingers crossed there’s more of this ilk on the way.

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