Local Natives-Heavy Feet (Video)

Great piece of easygoing alternative from the LA band, the lead single from their Hummingbird album released just a few weeks ago.

The opening blends soft keys with a frenetic percussion well, with the latter building an anticipation in the track that’s built on with gentle touches of guitar in the verse, and sharper inclusions of claps, keys and heavy bass for the hook. The second verse continues that momentum somewhat with the bass remaining intact, and once again builds to a great instrumental anchor point once those claps and keys return. The vocals throughout are a wonderful fit for the dynamic instrumentation, the bittersweet verses contrasting superbly with the rousing, backing vocal-supported hook, making for an all-round impressive soundscape.

The video’s quite an experience too. It’s shot in a documentary style, the music backing the journey of a group of blind men who are rather skilled with building and flying model aircraft. It’s quite heartwarming really, and also incredible how they do some of the things they do given their impairment, though the ‘twist’ at the end is a bit of a sad way to end the clip. A very engaging video though, and one that you’ll feel was much longer and deeper than a 4:20 visual, a factor aided greatly by the great audio backdrop. Available now.

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