Little Boots-Motorway

It’s good to hear from the reclusive Little Boots again. Her 2009 debut Hands had some great highlights, and as far as alternative pop goes it clearly influenced the works of many artists who’ve followed. Her follow up, Nocturnes, is due on 5th May and appears to signal a slight change in direction: Much of the ‘dance music’ we’ve been bombarded with of late leaves me cold…a big part of what I wanted to do on this record is show that you can produce dance-pop that’s both interesting and artistic, but maintains the magic of classic pop songwriting.

Goal achieved. This production is layered very well, combining wistful synths, reflective keys and a percussion that evolves smoothly through the track into a cohesive sound of bittersweet introspection with a lively, energetic twist. The vocals are solid throughout, catching the high points of the beat well whilst scaling back for the verses, and generally allowing the production plenty of room to fill every crevice of the soundscape. The accompanying ‘video’ is a nice enough fit, and though it’s just a few different clips looped, the contrast of pitch black background and bright, slightly ghostly images in the foreground gives the production’s darker elements a boost. Good single, and look out for that album soon.

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