Kendrick Lamar-Poetic Justice ft. Drake (Video)

There’s little doubt Kendrick’s been sitting on a potential chart favourite with this track, and he’s now cutting it loose with the video release.

With such a track, it would have been easy to deliver a visual that has them fawning over women, and vice versa. Thankfully, this isn’t that. The clip opens in that manner to some extent, with Kendrick eyeing and talking to a lady of interest, before things quickly turn sour as the club is attacked by a gang, with the dark, relatively grimy environment adding a believable realism to that encounter. Drake’s verse would have been easy to isolate into a visual serenade due to the lyricism, but again a surprise is sprung and his verse ends up being the anchor of the video: it’s revealed he’s calling someone who was apparently caught up in that skirmish (whilst another is in his bed, no less), who is then revealed to be the target of Kendrick’s own affections. The heartwarming and tragic finale of Kendrick’s lifeless body sprawled protectively over their shared love interest perfectly sums up the level of depth they’ve added to the audio with this visual, and it isn’t the kind of video you can look away from for a minute and still know what’s going on (which you can do with 90% of music videos, thanks to their pointlessness); that might make it less of a contender for mainstream airplay, but it’s still an excellent video that enhances the audio greatly.

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