Justin Timberlake-Mirrors

justin 2020
Many were unimpressed with Suit and Tie, but there’s no doubt the buzz for JT’s upcoming The 20/20 Experience hasn’t been impacted, and this single should help recover fans disappointed with the first single.

It’s much more pop-heavy, with Timbaland serving a production that combines his trademark clap-heavy percussion with strong synths, and an uplifting turn for the hook. It’s a classic pop formula, but as I read on Twitter earlier, when in JT’s possession it’s the sort of beat that can ‘revive Timbo’s status as a top-level producer’. As expected, the vocal performance is on point, with a couple of powerful, soaring sections that make this ideal for radio airplay, whilst the ending tacks on a slowed down section in the manner of Lovestoned/I Think She Knows. Both sections are filled with mature, warming lyrics to make this a mainstream favourite, and the whole package combines for a track right out of the old-school JT playbook with a grown-up twist.

Justin Timberlake-Mirrors

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