Juicy J-One Of Those Nights ft. The Weeknd

weeknd juicy
Having thought this had been released some time ago, I was surprised to see it loitering in my inbox this morning. Pleasure to have it though, and despite my general avoidance of Juicy J’s material, this is pretty much a Weeknd track with a bit of Juicy J thrown in (much like his recent Rich Hil feature).

The production’s packed in a massive amount of layers, containing dark synths, percussion that moves between piercing and atmospheric, distant vocal samples, and what almost sounds like a distorted accordion somewhere in there: it’s a fusion between their two worlds, as it combines The Weeknd’s aura-filled style with the punch and verve of Juicy’s energy. The former has exclusivity over almost the entire first half, crooning out a smooth intro that segues nicely into his confident verse that switches between blunt near-raps and soft vocals, before moving down into the drifty hook. It’s a diverse and enjoyable performance, setting Juicy up for a passable extended verse, and finally switching back to the vocals that most listeners will want. Undoubtedly, The Weeknd dominates this, and hence it’s a strong effort.

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