Joey Bada$$-Wendy N Becky ft. Chance the Rapper

joey bada$$
Joey has declared this week #ProEraWeek, and opened last night with this collaborative effort produced by the underrated Thelonius Martin.

Here, Thelonius serves up a delightfully vintage production, throwing soft, smooth jazz instrumentation in with strong, pounding percussion for a simple yet fantastically effective production, giving the track a backdrop with a debonair and easygoing vibe. Joey’s hard touch and in-your-face style plays off that sound well, giving it a bit of intensity and combining effectively with the sharp edges of the drum work, and it’s another good performance from the young ttalent. Chance’s name seems to be coming up more and more in my life, and it seems he’s certainly one of the next young MCs to get a good footing in the hip-hop game, his contribution here being a smooth, confidently delivered verse that has a relaxed quality, and in contrast to Joey’s raps Chance opts to work more closely with the melodic section of the beat. A really enjoyable chunk of hip-hop, and a good way to kick off Pro Era week.

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