Jimi Hendrix-Earth Blues

It was a great treat to have some unreleased Hendrix a short while back, and we’ve been gifted even more ahead of People, Hell and Angels‘ digital release on 5th March (the physical release lands on 1st April, for those that way inclined).

Whilst the aforementioned track had a much stronger rock and roll vibe, packed full of Jimi’s glorious wailing guitar, this one fits firmly within the ‘more experimental’ nature this album is said to take. The guitar’s are much more funk-driven, operating more as supporting melody rather than taking prominence, whilst the consistent, steady percussion offers a sense of regularity throughout that defies Hendrix’s slightly more freeform nature. The backing vocals on the hook also add a touch of structure and glamour, giving the track a real ’70s pop feel, and they cap off what’s probably going to be one of the more rounded and accessible tracks for new fans looking to ease into Jimi’s back catalogue. Certainly worth several listens, and be sure to get that album in a few weeks.

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