JAWS-Friend Like You

It’s incredibly rare that I get to post music from any act vaguely near my hometown, but that changes with the newest release from the Birmingham-based band.

Wonderfully laidback with an injection of tenacity, the instrumentation blends delayed guitars with strong percussion and a touch of additional sample and effect for a backdrop that engulfs the soundscape, but not in a pushy or overly piercing manner. The vocal work acts skilfully as a tempering tool on that instrumentation, preventing it from escaping its confines and nudging it toward the easygoing, summery side of things rather than being carried away with the momentum of the backing work. The guitars and drums are allowed to cut loose a little for the track’s bridge, before heading back into routine accompanied by backing vocals, adding a further layer of atmosphere and scale to close the track out well. I don’t get to hear many bands from the Midlands any more, but this is about as good a track as I’ve heard come out of the region in recent times. Look out for the single release on 1st April, with the Milkshake EP following on the 22nd.

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