James Blake-Retrograde (Video)

After the incredible hype surrounding his debut album, I was hugely disappointed with it. Disjointed and seemingly badly mixed, it just didn’t strike a chord with me at all, but thankfully this single from his upcoming Overgrown album is significantly better.

It combines the dark, moody style he’s known for with a touch more brightness and energy, with the soft production initially composed of gentle hums and claps, before being joined by sharp, powerful synths that completely elevate the soundscape, which is progressively built on with a few more samples and effects, and finally brought back down to minimalism to close. Blake’s vocals seem much more notable too, as he adjusts superbly to the varying levels of activity in the backdrop, and generally approaches the track with much more verve and believable emotion than his previous works.

The video’s a rather cinematic one, and has an interesting paranormal quality. As the biker chases down the meteorite, a whole series of unusual and rather creepy events unfold, adding an eerie layer to the night pop style of the track. Grab the single on iTunes now.

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