J. Cole-Truly Yours EP

I appreciate you giving me the time I needed to grow, experiment, and find the direction for my 2nd album. And I have. Tonight, I want to give you a few of these songs because you deserve them. Thank you for your patience. Vibe out to these songs in their raw form, no polish.. just a lot of my soul..PS- 1st single coming this week. The album is hands down my best work yet. Can’t wait to share.

Hugely unexpected, but a welcome treat. Cole’s releases towards the end of last year were a definite return to form for a man rather heavily criticised for his debut album, and it appears we’re now shifting gears towards that sophomore album. This EP should set things off nicely and rejuvenate the J. Cole buzz, a pack of five tracks that will hopefully give some clues as to the direction of that album, and if not, it’s probably going to be a solid addition to your library regardless. Free grab below.

J. Cole-Truly Yours EP

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