J. Cole-Power Trip ft. Miguel

j cole miguel
As he promised earlier this week, Cole comes through with the (latest) first single from Born Sinner. Having worked together to launch Miguel’s solo career close to 3 years ago, it’s good to see them come together once more, especially with Miguel’s status rightfully skyrocketing in the last 12 months or so.

Most hip-hop heads will probably deem this one a little too mainstream for their tastes and that’s perfectly understandable, but I’m a fan of this. The production’s a good blend between a laidback soul anthem and a crunching hip-hop jam, and whilst they may sound diametrically opposed, the combination of powerful percussion and soft melodies does indeed work quite well. The same blend is semi-present in the vocal work too, with Miguel’s work being of the soulful variety, as expected, whilst Cole’s verses are blunt and sharply delivered, though Cole’s movement to vocals on the hook does soften his performance. Credit to both for bridging that soul and hip-hop blend in a unique way here, and I’ll give this one some play time for sure.

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