It’s not an exaggeration to say that their profile has shot up in the last 6-8 weeks, courtesy of widespread coverage in many mainstream outlets, particularly on ‘ones to watch’ lists (including our own, of course). They follow that buzz up with this single, the lead from the upcoming EP of the same name, and it’s another good release from the trio.

Much like the incredibly catchy Don’t Save Me threw in a hint more pop and R&B influences, this one offers the same influences in a more downbeat, bittersweet track that should impress many. The instrumentation draws on a touch of the 80s, composed of funk-inspired guitars, punchy percussion and a touch of atmospheric synth on the hook that helps upscale those sections significantly, giving the track a clear anchor. Once again, the vocal work is mesmerising too, with Danielle’s distinctive delivery at its versatile best throughout, and it caps off what should be a real mainstream favourite for HAIM. Available now.

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