HAIM-Falling (Video)

Quick turnaround, as the trio’s single from last week is rapidly backed by a video. The lead and title effort from their upcoming EP (1st April), it’s an audiovisual that should help their burgeoning reputation for sure.

Though it’s far moodier than their other popular singles, there’s still a heavy dose of pop-funk that makes for a repeatedly unique listen. The clip plays upon that, with their foggy, bleak forest surroundings capturing the more downcast, helpless elements of the track, and their actual activities gradually leading to an overwhelming positivity. They begin as foraging for food, and eventually find the group dancing, catching arrows, and seemingly thriving in their environment: clearly, the evolution is designed to represent their emotional maturity, and it’s nicely done. There’s a fun 80′s style to some elements too, particularly the distant camera shots of a lone member that zoom dramatically, and the slightly angled face shots, whilst their tradition of a little co-ordinated dancing continues towards the end as the track hits its peak.

It’s a track that’s mellow enough to allow their personalities and performances to shine through the video, whilst having the right level of liveliness to match up to the climactic sections. A good complement to a strong audio, be sure to grab that track now.

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