Frightened Rabbit-Today's Cross (Video)

A very fun video for a slice of good alternative rock from the Scottish fivesome, the accompanying audio for their popular The Woodpile single.

Admittedly, I might not have given this audio much of a chance on its own, but the sheer relatability of the video makes this an audiovisual treat not to be missed. Procrastinating heavily, the lead man (who is apparently Jesus!) continually puts off writing the ‘New Testament’ in favour of those pointless activities we’ve all found ourselves doing, from reading magazines to lame attempts at a workouts, to pretty much anything else but the task at hand. That is, of course, until he has a little sip of alcohol and lights up some drugs; then, things liven up. A one-man party ensues, and he pretty much knocks back out to sleep again.

Definitely a fun watch, and the lively, upbeat instrumentation throughout gives the clip a good backing point, blending well at the critical moments of activity. You can get the audio on iTunes right now.

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