Frank Ocean-Eyes Like Sky

frank ocean
A track that didn’t make the final cut of Channel Orange, this one surfaced earlier and is already garnering unanimous praise from the Frank Ocean fans. Rightfully so too.

The backdrop’s considerably different to almost anything on the LP, with an acoustic style created by the live percussion and soft guitar strums, whilst the relative lack of anything else helps spotlight the stripped-back yet incredibly atmospheric combination of the aforementioned elements. Most of that aura arises from the percussion, which really adds space and grandeur to the soundscape, whilst the guitars help ground that impact slightly, and of course Frank’s vocal and lyrical work is once again perfectly suited to both sides of that. The verses pack in simple storytelling that creates a rich tapestry of mental imagery, largely down to the distinct theme of each verse, whilst the hook makes for a smooth, soft break in between those engaging sections. Sonically, it’s clear to see why this wouldn’t have quite fitted in with the album’s overall sound, and rather it seems closer to his Nostalgia Ultra material; in any case, it’s an excellent track that will certainly impress many.

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