Flatbush Zombies-MRAZ (Video)

Their D.R.U.G.S. mixtape got a decent amount of play from me, and whilst it’s not to everyone’s taste, their combination of diverse productions and fairly uncomplicated raps makes for easy listening that helps fill out any playlist. With that said, there weren’t too many standout tracks (though the beat on SCOSA was insane), and hence this recently-released effort shot straight to the top of my highlight reel for the crew.

The production’s got a lovely blend of smooth sample, laidback percussion and a subtle set of upturns and step-ups both within the verses and moving into the hook. It’s a well-crafted beat that’ll work with almost any rap style, and hence the Zombies take the chance to mix it up with their deliveries, lacing the beat with both crisp, intense raps and some more easygoing work, offering a good blend of styles to bring out different elements in that superb instrumental.

Visually, it’s a good fit too. The subject matter is unfussy, focusing primarily around the performances of the track, but doing so via a set of filters and effects that throw a touch of quality and uniqueness to proceedings, particularly the sharp lighting effects and occasional shift to slow motion. It’s easy listening and viewing, and should appeal to many.

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