Fall Out Boy-My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up)

It’s been three years since their hiatus began (though it seems like less), but they’re back with the lead single from the Save Rock and Roll album, a title that will rightfully annoy many for various reasons.

I’m not sure they’re saving anything though as this is hit and miss. The verses are likeable, with Stump’s ever-versatile vocals creating anticipation and building towards the hook excellently, particularly on the short bridge where he really cuts loose, but it all seems to come apart on the chorus. Whilst the crashing backdrop is a nice hit of energy, it ends up being rather cacophonic quite quickly, and forces the vocals to retreat rather than anchoring the track around them as it should. It’s also a rather simple hook and whilst these guys do cross that pop line, their hooks usually contain more melody to make them listenable; using easy reptition here for a catchy chorus grates pretty quickly.

The video takes some of the pop edge off the track and instead setting itself in darkness with 2 Chainz (yep) commits all sorts of arson throughout, adding a gritty layer whilst pulling away at that shiny veneer, and working with the track’s inherent intensity. It’s an OK effort, but as is now tradition with FOB, expect the better stuff to be left for the album.

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