Drake-Started From The Bottom (Video)

I’m not yet sold on it (with the exception of the production), but Drake’s banking on it as the lead from his Nothing Was The Same album.

This video sums up Drake. I’ve enjoyed several of his tracks and videos, and have offered plenty of credit where due, but when he’s trying to play the role of a rough, remotely badass guy, I completely check out; from the facial expressions to the body language, those moments come across as nothing but awkward. Yet, the scenes where he’s either enjoying his lifestyle, having a bit of fun, clowning around or just being more natural are far less cringeworthy viewing: this video has both elements, and it’s clear which ones are more watchable.

Nice to see his team get some shine in this video, with plenty of scenes fooling around with them, but when he’s prancing around making gun fingers and trying to look intimidating, it’s painful at best. Aside from that unpleasantness, the video’s a good watch, particularly the shop worker scenes, whilst the lack of stark colours and contrasts works with the dark production to enhance the lavish second half of the clip. That synergy with the beat makes the song much more tolerable, and credit for recognising the right sections to visualise. Strip away his cringeworthy scenes and this video would have elevated the song greatly.

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