Disclosure-White Noise ft. AlunaGeorge (Video)

Almost immediately after posting this single, it’s profile seemed to shoot through the roof and get all sorts of mainstream coverage and club play. Of course, I’m not taking credit (I am), but it’s good to occasionally see deserving tracks get some wider appreciation.

It’s certainly not the type of video most would associate with a mainstream dance track, and for me that’s a great thing. It opens up in rather gritty circumstances, with grim skies, unexciting buildings and the general setting of the rough towns and cities we’re all familiar with-in that vein, this actually feels decidedly British despite being filmed in Detroit. When the hook arrives however, the fun begins; the security guard decides to cut loose and get down, having plenty of fun dancing on his own with a torch. It’s a ray of positivity in grimy surroundings, a contrast which rears its head again as the track builds towards the second hook, with the flashes of activity including a little dancing and smacking golf balls. The video ends warmly, with the guard joined by the female attendant, closing off what’s a nice departure from the strobe lights and sweaty dancefloors found in most videos from this genre.

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