Diplo-Butter's Theme ft. Gent and Jawns (Video)

Dynamic and incredibly hypnotising, in and amongst all of the Major Lazer talk these days (their album is delayed but they’ve released a free tape here), Diplo drops off this latest solo single from his Express Yourself EP.

Somewhere between dance, alternative, Dirty South hip-hop and more, this is hugely rhythmic and should surely be a club favourite for months to come. Things open in a bassy manner, along with the stuttered vocals which comprise the vocal stylings of the entire track, whilst the percussion that arrives shortly afterward has a clunky, tribal style to contrast those electronic elements. That stop-start vocal style is represented superbly in the visual, with short scenes looped over and over, each containing plenty of people and activity. Piercing, lively synths are then thrown into the mix, with a Middle Eastern flavour that’s also visualised well with a flash of belly dancers, and we pretty much interchange between these synth heavy sections and down to the bassy style for the rest of the track. It’s an exhausting track (in a good way) that moves in about 30 different directions at any given point, making for a great feat of production, whilst the use of stuttered vocals adds a bizarre yet likeable layer of consistency to everything. EP available now.

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