Cheri Coke and MeLo-X (X/COKE)-The Interlude (Sango Refix)

When recieving this a day or two ago, it occurred to me that the original X/COKE EP was released over 7 months ago. Not a big deal for many, but given it’s not even come close to leaving my regular playlists in that time, it was a surprise to find it was so far back.

They recently announced the X/COKE Remix EP is due this month, and normally, I’d throw the ‘it’s about time for a refresh’ line in here. However, as the original works still sound so fresh, that’s not applicable and instead the EP should be a nice accompaniment rather than a replacement. They’ve apparently included some ‘forward thinking’ producers on it and grabbing Sango is a great start in that respect, Sango being the man behind some excellent Weeknd remixes last year. Here he adds even more atmosphere to the original’s already-spaced out production by slowing it right down, stripping out the existing percussion for something more minimal, and including both soft, high synths and those of a deeper, bassier nature. A good take on what was already a superb chillout soul effort, and I’m looking forward to hearing what else that EP holds.

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