Cheri Coke and MeLo-X (X/COKE)-The Garden of Eden (Maths Time Joy Remix)

Another of the superb tracks from the X/Coke EP gets a rework, this time the incredibly laidback The Garden of Eden, a personal favorite of mine from the original EP.

The additions here combine to add a little more urgency to the track, doing so in a freeform manner that infuses the vocals with a touch of energy, and hence moves them away from their mellow origins. The range of samples, instruments and effects used here is far too numerous to list, with influences from island music to deep electro, and it ends up fragmenting the track into 5 or 6 distinct sections; some won’t like that, but given the consistency of tone in the vocals, it works well enough to showcase the adapatability and versatility of that vocal performance. The level of activity will be too much for some, but for me its a grower that packs plenty in.

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